Clean water has the power to improve lives by providing people with a healthy body as well as a healthy planet. And at Aqua Sheer, we strongly believe that everyone deserves access to clean water now and for generations to come.


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Aqua Sheer is your source for water purification products. From a drinking water system to a shower filter and all the way to whole house water filtration, Aqua Sheer has the answer. As the master distributor for Softeners and Water Filters, Aqua Sheer is on top of the newest technologies available today. Aqua Sheer Salt Free Softener is on the cutting edge of the whole house water softening industry and fits a "Go Green" mission to eliminate wasteful and harmful salt brine discharge.

We offer a wide range of brands and products including Aqua Sheer whole house water filters, Aqua Sheer Drinking Water System, and Aqua Sheer Water Health Systems. If you are shopping for quality home water filters at the best prices with genuine customer service from a company that cares, then Aqua Sheer is it. At Aqua Sheer, we use these products ourselves. We feel that water the way it existed before the ravage of modern society, free of chemical contaminants, is the healthiest. 
At Aqua Sheer we have a wide range of water systems to suit all requirements. All our systems meet the high standards of WQA - NSF or WRAS approval. We are full members of the Water Quality Association ( WQA ), and all our systems are installed andserviced by fully certified engineers, to their Hard water and Limescale cause up to 80% of all problems. By softening the water you prevent damage to appliances-kettles, washing machines, dish washers, shower units, immersion heaters, heating systems - boilers etc. Studies has shown up to 25% savings on heating bills, also a reduction in detergents - shampoos and conditioners. Your hair and will also benefit enormously from soft andconditioned water. People who sufferwith Eczema, notice a vast improvement in their skin condition. By removingChlorine, you get natural feeling - taste and odour free water. Filtered or Purified water gives fresh, clean water for drinking and all cooking needs. 

Our range of water systems are suited for all budgets, for both Home or Business.We give a full written guarantee on all our products, and also have a full back upservice for filter replacement and general servicing of our systems.


Water is a Gift From GOD Use it dont Abuse it

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