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Do specially structured forms (clusters) of water give water unusual health benefits?  

No, this is a drinking water scam. Water molecules do tend to form polymers in solution that are constantly changing, but there is no scientific evidence that water can be induced to form a particular polymer for an extended period of time nor that this particular polymer gives water special healing properties. Such views are usually advocated in the literature and web sites promoting the sale of products for the "alternative" health care market.

According to the promotions and hype by some water vendors, there are special forms of water to be found in nature if you know where to look. Supposedly, these specially clustered forms of water are different from ordinary water and have all sorts of healing power and medical benefits. Some are advertised as containing primordial water, a special form of ancient water that has retained a type of energy associated with the beginning of the universe and the source of life itself.

There are also claims of special polymer water being found in remote springs around the world. These treasured springs are usually from some high mountainous region, where the people drinking water from these sources, enjoy healthy lives to aripe old age. Like other medical mumbo-jumbo, this magical water will energize your body because it improves cell hydration with increased nutrient transport into cells and increased transport of toxics out of cells.

There are hundreds of water vendors offering a special form of water that is supposed to contain microclustered colloids. According to promotional schemes, these oxide-containing colloids have the ability to trap ions and particularly hydride ions (negative hydrogen ions) by altering local water structure around them. This hydride ion water is supposedly found only in special glacier waters in specific mountainous regions of the world. Its primary claim to fame is anti-aging benefits due to its activity as an antioxidant. There are other claims related to increased nutrient uptake by cells and elimination of free radicals.

The fact is that no one has found hydride ions to actually exist in water.

There are numerous claims about how alternative medical practices are more effective in healing than conventional medicine. Some of these claims deal with healing benefits of magnetism to include unique forms of water that have been generated by some specially designed magnetic treatment device. You can read things like colloidal groupings of water molecules to form small icebergs. This type of water is often called "liquid crystalline water", "structured water" or "micro-structured water". It is easy and cheap to produce this uniquely structured water because no external power source is needed. It can be generated with the simple use of powerful magnets. This type of water is supposed to improve ion exchange in cell membranes, improve vitamin and mineral absorption, result in better removal of toxic wastes, and have free radical scavenging and anti-oxidant action. This type of structured water contradicts the need for using structured water to enhance oxygen uptake by a cell. There are a number of companies pedaling special water magnetizing machines that are supposed to modify the structure of water or create a very active micro-structured water.

There is much promotional hype as to what the water produced by these machines can do. Water produced by some machines is supposed to have a hexagonal structure and "energy memory", which is advertised as being good for all living organisms. Special magnetic filters can supposedly produce water that is eight times as effective as most unstructured water in terms of health benefits. If you cannot afford a magnetizing machine, you can purchase a magnetic drinking mug or magnetic stirring rod that will do the trick.

Electrical energy can be used to produce magnetism and supposedly the magnetically clustered water mentioned in preceding paragraphs. Vendors are also peddling machines that use electrical energy applied through electrodes in what is like an electrolysis chamber to create active microclustered water. Some claims are that this surpasses all other structured waters. A similar process is used to create what is called ionized water or water separated into its acidic and alkaline components. The acidic component is promoted as being excellent for cleaning while the alkaline component is excellent for drinking.

One pseudoscientific health claim is that as the body ages it collects acidic waste products, a process called acidosis. An easy way to rid your body of all these acidic wastes is to drink pure ionic water. The key claim of ionized water or ionic water is the separation of water into acidic and alkaline components, both of which have special properties. Drinking the alkaline component is supposed to have all sorts of health benefits and is especially effective in washing awayn all the acidic wastes that accumulate with age. There are numerous companies selling this type of water and the machines to make it.

As if the concept of amazing clusters of water were not enough, there is an alternative view that ordinary water is too "clustered" and that the clusters are too large. This type of water is not beneficial for you because these large clusters impede the flow of water molecules into and out of individual cells. Water vendors promoting this scam say that ordinary water tends to behave like one giant cluster and "un-clustering" is the way to go to improve the hydrating capacity of water. Sound waves and electrolysis are some of the technologies that these "un-clustering" devices use to supposedly break up and reform water into much smaller, more beneficial clusters.

Once all the talk of clustered water has as settled, it is still a fact that water molecules are bi-polar and this causes what is commonly referred to as hydrogen bonding or an attraction between hydrogen atoms in water molecules to oxygen atoms in nearby water molecules. This does give water the ability to form short-lived polymers that are constantly changing.Their health benefits, if any, are not yet understood.


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